Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spread the's Christmas time!!

Yay! I have been awarded again. And since it's Christmas time, I am spreading the cheer by awarding my fellow bloggers. Here we go...

The proximity award and the Cup

the-award-cup proximidade_blog_award

Nita awards me the Cup and the Proximity award. I love the proximity award. And I am certainly glad my readers love me. Thanks people. :-) I pass these on to Imp's Mom, Chandni, Mad Momma Silverine, Alankrita, Krishna and IHM.

Butterfly award



Trailblazer and Nita give me the butterfly award too for being the coolest blog they know. :-) Thanks. Me feeling shy now. Here, I pass them on once again to Alankrita, Krishna and IHM. I seem to be giving them a lot of awards. And to Nita of course, whose blog is super duper cool.

Certified Honest Blogger award


And, saving the best for the last, Trailblazer gives me the certified honest blogger award. What do I say? I am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much Trailblazer. It is greatly satisfying. This is perhaps the most satisfying award I have ever got. Thanks again. And I pass it on to the Minking Than, and Idea Smith. Good work dude! It's quite obvious you think. I award Alankrita, Krishna and IHM, again! But anyway.

There! I am finally done!


Indian Home Maker said...

My Christmas began with a red costume and a beard, and now this is the ultimate - three awards in one evening, I am in full festive mood :)
Truly touched.Honored.
Thank You Amrutha!!!

@lankr1ta said...

this is lovely
Thank you so much!

chandni said...

nice! thank you for passing it on to me :)

the mad momma said...

hey Amrutha! thanks so much. Much appreciated award :)

Imp's Mom said...

Awww... thanks so much Amrutha! Touched that you thought of me, and this comes just when I was drafting up a post on the same, so its coming right back at u :)

Amrutha said...

@all: You are most welcome.

Imp's mom: You Imp is too cute not to think of...and you as her mom too. :-)

Krishna Aradhi said...

Nice, that's a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the awards :)

Merry Christmas!

silverine said...

Thank you so much!! You just made my New Year!! :) And wish you a happy and joyous New Year!!

IdeaSmith said...

Thank you so much, Amrutha! I just saw this post today on account of being work-crazed/blog-unsociable. This brings a good year to a great close. Hebby noo yurr and I'll see you on the other side of this eve!