About me

Dreamer, writer, romantic, rebel…call me what you may. I love life, love to laugh and am hyper-sensitive to personal insults and name-calling. I love what I do for a living, although some day, I hope to have enough money to take off from work and do a PhD in History. I chase dreams, not money…want happiness in what I choose to do. Inequality, male chauvinism and hypocrisy are some things that irritate me and spur me on to writing about them. Lately, I have been using humour as a device of criticism…still not too good at it, but getting better.

I want to try a lot of things, theatre, music, dance and writing are just some of them. I have sworn to myself that I will write a book some day. I have no clue when that will actually happen…but when it does, I’ll keep you posted. Right now, I want to travel. I want to see the world, or at least the country, before it’s too late. I want to take the road less trodden, literally, to discover lost wonders and pieces of history.